01 October 2007

all we are is dust in the wind...

A recent article in the Austin American Statesman, or as my former government teacher ever so lovingly called it the Austin un-American Statesman, presents the Texas School Land Board's decision to give four tracts of offshore land to companies in the wind power business. The leases provide money for public education, and these leases should bring in an estimated 231 million dollars. The wind turbines are expected to generate power starting in 2012. The plan could face trouble if the government decides not to continues subsidizing and granting tax credits for wind power companies.

I am glad to see Texas looking to the future and investing in energy that is recyclable. Taking power from oil and gas is always a positive step in lessening our reliance on non-recyclable fuels. I feel Texas is doing an adequate job of looking to the future. If/when Texas isn't able to form its own country, I'll be worried.

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