21 September 2007

New Driving Laws for Texans

The article in the Austin Chronicle provides a summary of the laws passed and passed on by latest session of the Texas Congress pertaining to driving that took effect on September 1. Now those who are caught speeding over ninety-five miles per hour cannot have their ticket dismissed with a defensive driving class. Drivers older than seventy-nine are required to visit the DPS to renew their license and drives over eighty-five have to take an eyesight test every two years. New legislation for school buses states that students must stay in their seats and that the maximum capacity of the bus must be adhered to. By September of 2010 buses will be required to have seat belts. Some legislation passed seemed to be more for clarification and common sense. For example the adult passenger riding with a learning driver cannot be drunk or asleep, and that firearms are not allowed on school buses. Bills passed on by the governor and the senate were ones that would have stopped school buses from idling while at school events, and one that would ban the use of cell phones without a hands free device while driving. I think the article is worth a look to keep informed about the legislation our state feels is important. It surprises me how ordinary the laws passed are. When so many laws like this, seemingly trivial laws, are passed it always makes me wonder what (if any) are the larger issues that are not being focused on. Either way, anyone who was looking forward to taking their firearm on a school bus is now SOL.

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