30 November 2007

Election 2008

Signs supporting Ron Paul can be found all over Austin. From "paid for by Ron Paul" to "Ron Paul 4 Prez" graffitied on the sidewalk, the man has garnered himself a following in the area. As a voter who has yet to make up her mind for the 2008 election, I decided to give a futher look into this guy. I visited the issues section of Ron Paul website and found that while he has some good ideas about limiting government influence, his ideas about abortion and international politics concern me. He doesn't believe in a woman's right to choose, would like to overturn Roe v. Wade and believes we should not remain in the United Nations. While he belives in the power of the free market, he does not believe in encouraging NAFTA trade. So while I think the young twenty somethings are for the government staying out of thier damn lives, I think Ron Paul could do that along with some unwelcome reform.

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